About English Olympiad

English Olympiad is a great journey with the motto of “Inspiring Leadership”. We are Trade Marked and we have Patent as Intellectual Property. A global platform where many students are participating as competitors. We have 4000+ Campus Ambassadors in 25 Countries. At first English Olympiad™, about 35000 participants registered and many of them participated at divisional selection rounds in 2017. This time we have got a better response (50,000+ Participants) at English Olympiad Season 2.

Last year English Olympiad tried to reach 10 million people to spread the necessity of learning English to be a global citizen and to lead the world for a better tomorrow. A highly dedicated Campus Ambassadors team is active as leaders with Conviction.

We have awarded 5000 students with the English Olympiad Medal this year.

We have organized 100+ workshops and conferences for interested participants and young entrepreneurs to show them the right way of learning English to compete globally. English Olympiad is the biggest platform in its kind where all kinds of students, Institutions, participants and young leaders with a very creative age group.  We have published 2 books for our participants.

In season-3 English Olympiad will be held in 28 Countries and they are 1. Thailand, 2. India, 3.Nepal, 4. Qatar, 5. KSA, 6. UAE, 7. Japan, 8. Russia, 9. China, 10. Ghana, 11. Spain, 12. Germany, 13. Turkey, 14. Malaysia, 15. Pakistan, 16. Kenya, 17. Singapore, 18. Bhutan, 19. Bangladesh, 20. Italy, 21. France, 22. Indonesia, 23. South Africa, 24. Egypt, 25. Morocco 26. Sri Lanka  27. Canada and 28. Palestine 

28 National Selection round will be held through the Technology of AI and IoT.

If any other countries are interested, please contact us englisholympiadbd@gmail.com

We have six groups for 6 different classes called: 1. KIDS (till Grades 2) 2. Small Starts (3-5 Grades) 3. Juniors (6-8 Grades) 4. High Flyers (9- 10 Grades) 5. Trailblazers (11-12 Grades) 6. Seniors (any student above Higher Secondary). There are 3 rounds in this competition named Selection Round, Theater Round, and Grand Finale.

Recently we have announced an English Olympiad event for 28 countries in an event of English Language fest in Bangkok called 17th Asia TEFL & 6th FLLT International Conference 27-29 June 2019 where English Olympiad Chief Organizer Mohammad Aman Ullah (Amaan) represented English Olympiad.

English Olympiad team also met with Dr. Aziz Akgül MP from Turkey, Dr. Nisha Pandey from India, Dr. Noushin Bayat from USA, Dominique V.Dauster from Germany, Aika Watanabe, Leiko Sonoda, Mitsuru Izumo from Japan, Ong Chee Siang from Malaysia, Pajaree Koonchaimang from Thailand, Paola Samoggia from Italy, Rokia Afzal Rahman, Tahsan Khan from Bangladesh, Samuel Hamrosi from Australia, Nurfarini Daing from Malaysia and many More at Centara Grand Bangkok Convention Center and shared English Olympiad planning for their country.

Leading Media Group East West Media Limited’s English Daily newspaper  The Daily Sun was powered by partner and we had been publishing Competition Materials and all the activities, news and articles with pictures here for 10 Months in 2017. Now we are looking for International Partners and Medias to make it happen. 

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  • Contact number:  +8801317682592