About English Olympiad


English Olympiad is a great journey with the motto of “Inspiring Leadership”. We are Trade Marked and we have Patent as Intellectual Property. A global platform where many students are participating as competitors. We have 5000+ Campus Ambassadors in 100 Countries. Almost 115,000 students participated at 3 Seasons of the English Olympiad. 

Now English Olympiad Global is working in 100+ Non-Native English Speaking Countries 

In the Last 7 Years of Activities, English Olympiad tried to reach 50 million people to spread the necessity of learning English to be a global citizen and to lead the world for a better tomorrow. A highly dedicated Campus Ambassadors team is active as leaders with Conviction.

As our motto is Inspiring Leadership, we are working to provide world-class leaders from our platform where we are preparing them with conviction and care for the Post Pandemic Challenges to face! 

We have awarded 5000 students with the English Olympiad Medal last year.