English Olympiad Pakistan

As part of the Global English Olympiad, the English Olympiad Global team is offering Native and Non-Native Pakistani students to apply for being a Campus Ambassador of English Olympiad Pakistan. Pakistani School, College, and University Authorities can easily register (Institutional Registration) for English Olympiad Pakistan Selection Round  Season-3 that will be held in Pakistan.

Any students from any grade can register under these groups:
1. Kids (till class/ Grade 2)
2. Small Starts (3-5 Classes/ Grades)
3. Juniors (6-8 classes/ Grades)
4. High Flyers (9- 10 classes/ Grades/ O-Level)
5. Trailblazers (11-12 classes/ Grades/ A-Level) and
6. Seniors (any student above HSC/ A-Level)

We will also organize an “International Workshop on Communication Skills” in Pakistan.


Primary Selection Form: https://www.englisholympiad.net/100-countries/

Final Registration: To complete your final registration, you have to pay your registration fee of $100 through Paypal 

Please click the PayPal logo to Pay:

Registration Fee for GHANA: $100

Institutional Registration:
An institution may register many students at a time by contacting us here at englisholympiadbd@gmail.com

Please visit the English Olympiad website.
Our official website: www.englisholympiad.net
We are now in the Google top list as “English Olympiad”

Please inbox us at the English Olympiad Facebook for further information.

In season-3 English, Olympiad will be held in 100+ Countries.

100 COUNTRIES FOR English Olympiad Global Selection Rounds