English Olympiad Preparation (Older)+EO Publication in the Daily Sun

JAB Publication has published 2 books for our participants named English Mania-1 and English Mania 2: The Touchstone. Although the books are common for all six categories, We will provide everyone a Syllabus after the date and venue declaration. Everyone should start with IPA and Puzzles. Every student should have a collection of these books as these are based on future education demand. Students will get 60% materials here in this book for Selection Round preparation.

  • For book, you need to be connected with https://jabpublication.com
  • or please call 01725615063, 01317682592, 01903961205

We published the following materials for our participants in the daily sun for free access to learning from any part of the world.

28.04.17 (The Daily  Sun)

30.04.17  (The Daily  Sun)

04.05.17 (The Daily  Sun)

05.05.17 (The Daily  Sun)

07.05.17 (The Daily  Sun)

09.05.17 (The Daily  Sun)

11.05.17 (The Daily  Sun)

14.05.17 (The Daily  Sun)

16.05.17 (The Daily  Sun)

18.05.17 (The Daily  Sun)

19.05.17 (The Daily  Sun)

21.05.17 (The Daily  Sun)

23.05.17 (The Daily  Sun)

25.05.17 (The Daily  Sun)

26.05.17 (The Daily  Sun)

28.05.17 (The Daily  Sun)

30.05.17 (The Daily  Sun)

01.06.17 (The Daily  Sun)

03.06.17 (The Daily  Sun)

04.06.17 (The Daily  Sun)

06.06.17 (The Daily  Sun)

08.06.17 (The Daily  Sun)

09.06.17 (The Daily  Sun)

11.06.17 (The Daily  Sun)