Campus Ambassadors

Campus Ambassadors are the organizers of campaigns and workshops at their campus by discussing with their clubs teachers or administrations. Campus Ambassadors will develop their leadership quality with EO activities and English Olympiad™ will eventually certify them for their active involvement at the English Olympiad which will help their CAREER, international recognition, and scholarships. We have already 5000+ Campus Ambassadors! Please join us to lead the world! Our Slogan is Inspiring Leadership!

We are looking for Campus Ambassadors to run the National English Olympiad (Country) & International English Olympiad called English Olympiad Global. Please fill out the form with the following information and give the same on our Facebook page as well.

Application Form

Please also inbox us your Full Name, Cell number, Email, Address, City, Class of Study, Institution name, Date of Birth, Leadership Quality, formal descent Picture, and assurance of being an active one to be Campus Ambassador as well as participants of both English Olympiad™ and its workshop along with a picture of you.

We need your information in both ways

Thank you