English Olympiad Documentation Team

A Highly Dedicated and Creative Documentation Team is working behind the English Olympiad Season 3.
Let’s Meet them:

Hello everyone. We hope you all are doing well and taking good care of yourselves.

So let’s come to the point where you really want to know why one would join the Documentation Department of the English Olympiad. Here are some of the pros that can help to bring you out of the dilemma (if you’re in any!)-
1. Yes, You’ll surely get a certificate and a World-Class English Olympiad Medal
2. You can show your skills through this journey if you utilize them properly.
3. You’ll be able to make your skills better through different tasks.
4. You can learn from your team members even if it’s something little but important.
5. You’ll meet a bunch of great and supportive people who are going to make this journey remarkable for you.
6. Everyone on the team posts something about photography and videography regularly which eventually helps to make the best use of your equipment and get a better shot!
7. There’ll be different workshops on photography and cinematography also.
Ample reasons to join the Documentation Department of the English Olympiad, right? Join us now!