English Olympiad Theater Round Preparation Season-3

English Olympiad Theater Round Preparation Season-3

We will take a small Listening Test and Many types of Oral tests.

Please focus on Pronunciation and IPA. Your Confidence is important in front of the Camera.

This time we got Participants from 38+ countries whereas we are still open for English Olympiad Global Participants. Your best Performance may give you a chance to lead your Flag Globally.

Theater Round Performance will be held on the following Topics:

  1. Speech on Given Topics both Rehearsed & Extempore (Students also can take an alternative performance like Singing in English, Stand-up Comedy. Standard: America Got Talent)


2. Oxford Debate ( Standard: Oxford Union, University of Oxford)

Debate Sample-1

Debate Sample-2

Debate Sample-3

Debate Sample-4

KIDS and Small starts can avoid it but we welcome you all.

3. Spelling (Standard: Spelling Bee USA)


4. Tongue Twisters (Standard: English Olympiad)


5. Questions & Answers like World Beauty Peasant (Standard: Miss World)


6. MCQ ( Standard: Who Wants to be Millionaire)


7. TV Round ( The top 100 Kids & Small starts will go to Duronta TV and others will be called for TV performance after Finalizing our Partnerships)

8. There will be some performance checks on given content on social facts and events like Bullying, Behaviour, Education, and more.




We will update you more here for your support. If you can’t join after September, please email us about it as we are planning to take one Theater Round in September 2022. It will continue to December 2022. We will declare the dates soon.

N.B: Top 18 English Olympiad 2020 Grand Finalists performed many of these on stage.