English Olympiad Medal 2019

English Olympiad Medals 2019!
Designed by Mafruha Kamal -65mm in diameter and 5mm thick.
The front of the medals features the traditional Golden Fiber image of the Bangladesh where farmers are working with the EO logo symbol and event theme, on the other side of the medal she included Shahid Minar and The ENGLISH OLYMPIAD logo.

The design also includes a ribbon, representing the English Olympiad’s Inspiring Leadership theme, and an interlocking logo pattern that reflects WOC and mnemonic design together, giving it a sense of outreach, while also representing the achievements and efforts of English Olympiad Participants.
Highlighting the effort and achievement of the English Olympiad Participants, as well as the country where English Olympiad started, these beautiful medals will be a fitting reward for the English Olympiad awardees of 2019. It is the pinnacle of an education and competition career to become an Olympiad champion but we are confident that receiving one of these medals will make it all the more special at Theater Round. Congratulations to Team EO for creating a design that will inspire the whole world!
We hope that seeing the design of the English Olympiad 2019 medals will be a source of inspiration for the thousands of students around the country who are counting down the year before they compete at the greatest English Olympiad show on earth. All of our preparations are focused on ensuring the participants are at the heart of the competition, and we believe that through this rigorous process the panel of experts have selected an artist and a design for medals that all participants would be proud to own!